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Handy info links 

Here are some additional resources for some great information on how to get the most out of your NDIS plan:

Every Australian Counts Website

Every Australian Counts is the grassroots campaign that fought for the introduction of the NDIS – and won. We are a community of hundreds of thousands of people with disability, their families and carers and those who support them, all working together to fight for a fair go for Australians with disability.

ACCC website

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has developed some resources for people with disability and their families to help them protect their rights as consumers when purchasing disability services. There are fact sheets, videos and information in Easy English.

Disability Loop

Disability Loop is a website dedicated to all things NDIS. The website focuses on explaining everything about the NDIS in clear and simple language, and brings resources from all around the internet to the one spot. Disability Loop is run by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations.

My Choice Matters

My Choice Matters is a website for all people with disability and their families, but in particular has a lot of information and resources which people with an intellectual disability might find helpful. It has been developed to help people learn more about the NDIS and how get more choice, voice and control over their lives.

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